How to make a single name Facebook Account using mobile [java]






All of us familiar with Facebook. I am sure all of you also using it. To use Facebook, you needs an account, and to create an account you needs a name. When we start to create an Facebook account, Facebook told that us to use atleast 2 words name – ‘first name’ and ‘last name’. Creating an account only with one name display an error. Also, today with the introduction of smartphones, everything is moving to mobile. Facebook also provides a great facility towards mobile users. You can create an facebook account from your mobile also.

Creating a single name Facebook id with your mobile is normally impossible but with proper procedure and knowledge you can do that. Some peoples want to use only a single name, they dont want to use surname but according to Facebook policies you required both. But this world is full of hackers and their tricks. They have done a lot of things which are also not allowed. Same with facebook, with a simple trick you can create a single name facebook id on your mobile. You not only create a new single name id but you can also modify the name of your editing facebook id to a single word.

Are you want to create a single name facebook id? Are you excited to know the way to do so? If yes, your wait is over, Here is the trick:

Requirements. :

1) Java Enabled Mobile

2) Uc browser 9.0 above.


1) Open the facebook account to which you want to make a single name.


3) Enable the Port Option.

4) Now put this in the port. OR get a working proxy from google.!

5) Now down there will be a box for inserting DOMAIN.

6) Insert in domain box and SAVE the whole settings.

7) Now go back to your fb account.

8) Facebook now run a little slow but dont worrry about it. Now go to account settings.

9) Now Change your Language to BAHASA INDONESIA.

10) Now Go to Name change setting, remove your last name and SAVE it.

11) Its DONE NOW! You can see now you have your First name id only.

12) After Doing all these, change the Settings back to previous settings you are using.


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